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Get an online PGD or Post Graduate Diploma with PeopleNTech 's courses to enhance your skills and prepare for the fast-changing global digital world which includes courses competitive to any international Information Technology institution. Our user-friendly website https:/piit.com.bd and expert backend expertise are always only a click away to lead you through the starting of a successful career pathway.

There are many Post Graduate Diploma programs available online, Networking & Server Administration, Microsoft Technology, Diploma in Web Site Development & Graphics Design along with other high demand courses which can be great for those looking to advance their education or job opportunities home and abroad. These online courses have the same credibility as a traditional course and give you an opportunity to explore your interests from home in any type of external situation like Covid-19 pandemic uncertainty! All you need is reliable internet access to start with.

Post Graduate Diploma programs that are offered online can provide students with a credential to use for educational and employment purposes. The diplomas obtained through these courses, which often come from accredited institutions of higher learning, are comparable in quality to those achieved via classroom instruction. PeopleNTech accredited with American IGlobal University which is providing a diverse student body with career-related education based on scholarly, innovative, and practical approaches. Job Placement & Training PeopleNTech's specialty and expertise to offer to provide businesses the right person for the right job. Maximum job satisfaction ensures maximum credibility and success.

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Check with our available Post Graduate Diploma and other competitive courses to enhance your skills and add value to your job credential portfolio. You will get to know more about all our course offerings as you visit our website pages and links provided for your convenience and information. Take time to take an educational tour of our pages which will help you to make your best choice of career from here before you leave the page.
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The application has been made available online at www.PeopleNtech.com where interested candidates can apply by submitting their necessary documentation for admission into the programs.

Get skilled in the most demanding technologies

Advance globalization, expanding business, technology-based logistic and communication system demands strong knowledge and skill in Information Technology, Networking, Server Administration and affiliated platforms.

Information Technology is capturing almost all spheres of modern life and business activities daily and this has essentially posed a challenge for us to keep pace with the speed of modernization. The supply-demand dynamics are constantly changing, and all business strategies take shape with the same speed to cooperate. Such a trend is visible in every social activity in the global phases and the single solution factor in the process is the Information Technology (IT) knowledge enhancement to sustain the tremendous pressure of competition. While the use of Information Technology is a prime requirement for a business to survive and grow, it is equally important for a business to have affordable access to sufficient expertise to keep up with the competitive environment.

How to start with PGD courses

The initial step in these programs usually confers a document serving as proof of secondary education, but this can be replaced by professional or vocational training if there are no preliminary requirements for the program. These documents confer certain rights and privileges to recipients upon graduation that may not carry over to other types of diplomas depending on where they were obtained from (online courses).

Online Post Graduate diploma programs, usually offered by accredited institutions of higher learning, may confer a specific type of credential upon graduates. The diplomas obtained via these online studies are often comparable to those obtained in classrooms and get you ready for the global necessities and demands of time shifts.

PeopleNTech has been able to meet the demand for a constant-changing marketplace of technological expertise. In order to do so, it is not surprising that we have increased our service capabilities by incorporating diverse skill sets in our consultant pool and began providing career consultancy as well for career management and services.

PeopleNTech has been providing testing services for SMEs since 2005 and offers a diverse range of careers consultancy and ready to go beyond the limit to what we can achieve in our endeavor with you! In recent changes, we’ve learned to continuously update our skillset- which has made for a challenging but rewarding experience here at PeopleNTech.

If you want an education that will be recognized as equal to one acquired through traditional classroom instruction then an undergraduate degree is necessary. Online Post Graduate Courses provide students with opportunities for continued or professional development into their chosen field without having to relocate geographically which allows them greater flexibility in finding employment while still advancing themselves professionally.
There are also certificate-level educational offerings such as certificates for mastery of certain skills like programming languages - but if your goal is to get a PGD certificate, then you will probably need to go through an accredited institution.

PeopleNTech other service avenues 

In parallel with the Employment Agency, consultancy, and staffing services PeopleNTech started in-house training of its consultants and new recruits on cutting edge Testing, Business Analysts, Project Management professionals, Database Administration, and Network Administration tools that are being directly used on the job desks. The positive impact of such training resulted in the high performance of the Testers, QA Analysts, Business Analysts, Project Management Professionals, Database Administrators, and Network Administrators in the field. Eventually, PeopleNTech experienced increasing demand for its offered training, so it had taken steps to increase its training facilities opening doors for the potential IT professionals who were seeking placements in the job market with its subsidiary company "PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology (PIIT), Inc." which is certified by "State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)".

PeopleNTech now provides in-house training for new recruits and consultants on cutting-edge tools that are used to create high-quality work. This has led to an increase in performance from existing staff, who have been seen as more knowledgeable than ever before; the demand for PeopleNTech's services is increasing dramatically!

As of now PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology (PIIT), Inc. 

You would be delighted to know that, PeopleNTech has built its capacity to train around 70 students per semester in Virginia and updated its course curriculum to include the most demanding and industry-standard technical skills coupled with effective dissemination techniques. Trainees can join from other states in these courses to take the class online. Registration and course conduction will be centered on the Virginia campus. Also, consultants/employees of PeopleNTech can attend these courses online for the respective up-gradation of their skill sets from any corner of the world without any training fee. PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology (PIIT), Inc. believes that its efforts are being resulted in the creation of a productive group of professionals much needed by the time and the US Economy in broader perspectives. So it is gladly taking further steps to increase its training facilities opening doors for the potential IT professionals in NY, NJ & PA as well.

According to the success of PeopleNTech in the USA, Canada, and India PeopleNTech has started its journey in Bangladesh in 2014 with 60+ courses at the Dhaka campus. Now, PeopleNTech Bangladesh is playing a vital role in Youth Skill Development by providing direct mid-level jobs and freelancing jobs which is leading a revolutionary development in the job market in Bangladesh. In this regard, PeopleNTech Bangladesh is known as the top professional skill development institute in Bangladesh and a global leader in IT & Job Placement. Dozens of courses are available at the Dhaka campus now, and PeopleNTech is playing a vital role in Youth Skill Development by providing both direct mid-level jobs and freelancing opportunities (even for those who don't have their own computer). In this regard, PeopleNTech Bangladesh is known as one of the top professional skill development institutes not only within o country but also on an international scale--a global leader when it comes to IT & Job Placement!

PeopleNTech has been providing valuable training and skills for over 60 years in the USA, Canada, India. They are now expanding their reach not only to Bangladesh but also globally with campuses across three continents. PeopleNTech is known as a global leader in IT & Job Placement where they provide people of all ages opportunities to work on projects that will help them grow professionally and make use of their talents PeopleNTech has been instrumental in developing Bangladesh's workforce. They have delivered over 60 courses and provided direct jobs to hundreds of students, as well as hosting upwards of 1 million freelancers from around the globe on their site for job placement opportunities. PeopleNTech is currently one of the largest skill development institutions in Dhaka with a global presence and reputation that precedes itself: they are not only known for being a top professional institute but also an innovator when it comes to IT education across all levels worldwide. Software Development, Digital Marketing, Managed IT Services, BD Clipping Studio, Care 24/7 covers the IT discipline demand.

Why you will join PeopleNTech's PGD Course

PeopleNTech's PGD Course or Post Graduate Diploma courses are designed to train students for the current and future job market. PeopleNTech is currently running 60+ courses, including Digital Marketing Skills, Mobile App Developer Training, Animation & Graphic Designing, Data Science, Image Processing Engineer, and Web Developer courses (XHTML/CSS). These high-demand courses are designed to provide students with an industry-standard education geared towards the development of a valuable skill set that companies desire today just like how our professional freelancers have completed over 1 million projects on our platform.

After successful completion of the training period, which takes place on the Dhaka campus candidates will earn a PGD certification (Post Graduate Diploma).

Post Graduate Diploma is a shorter qualification than a master's degree, although at the same academic level. ... There are a variety of courses that come under the heading of a Post Graduate Diploma. Post-graduate education is a level of study which follows the undergraduate degree and can be undertaken at many Bangladeshi universities. Typically, postgraduate degrees require a good grade point average in one's undergraduate studies and prerequisites for that subject area. This includes lectures/training and project guidance by our highly qualified instructors and mentors, as well as the textbooks required for training. Students also receive free admission into any special training courses that may be available at any given point in time, as well as free access to their digital library where they can review whatever theoretical portions that might have been missed during classes.

PGD or Post Graduate Diploma in Dhaka city Bangladesh

After the success of PeopleNTech in America, Canada, and India, the company has launched its services in Bangladesh. PeopleNTech currently offers 60+ courses at their Dhaka campus. Now, PeopleNTech Bangladesh is playing a vital role in Youth Skill Development by providing direct mid-level jobs and freelancing jobs. In this regard, PeopleNTech Bangladesh is known as the top professional skill development institute in Bangladesh and a global leader in IT & Job Placement. PeopleNTech is accredited with the American Global University, which provides quality career-related education for students from around the world. You can acquire international standard certification right from your own country through PeopleNTech. You may do want to miss this chance to take your resume to a competitive level to compete in the high-tech global market trend at a very affordable and reachable tuition cost.

PeopleNTech's Dhaka campus brings global education facilities to Bangladeshi local students at easy reach to get any course help from international standard professional instructors and administrative authorities upfront there and then. The campus is located in Pantha Path Dhaka which is in the very heart of the city with every kind of commuting facility easily available. This campus is not only convenient for the Dhaka residents but for all Bangladeshi students across the country. It is easy to complete any administrative procedure and requirements with a user-friendly website to reach the campus personnel easily and without hassle or any kind of difficulty. A full-fledged online office is reachable through easy clicks. Our dedicated frontline officers are well trained and enthusiastic to help you get your admission and any other procedure is done without a struggle.

PGD or Post Graduate Diploma on Networking

What PeopleNTech Offers to our students to Introduce and enhance skills required for the career planning and undertaking of various evidence-based theoretical as well as practical methodologies to ensure their work capacity and knowledge enhancement.

Each course of the program is a combination of classroom instruction complemented by several assignments, independent and supervised self-study. In online classes, instructions are active and participatory having a wide range of interactive teaching methods comprising of presentations, debates, case studies, critical analysis, and reflection. The self-study component includes readings and short papers, design, and application of learning materials, and completion of periodical assignments.

Strengthening the knowledge base and critically analyzing a range of theories, policies, and practices by applying diverse techniques to contemporary work demands. An experimental, both-way interactive and participatory mode of instruction is unique.

PGD or Post Graduate Diploma on Networking & Server Administration

Specially designed for the youth workforce to fulfill the growing demand of Networking & server administration to strengthen the technical backend demand, the PGD on Networking and Server Administration course is designed to assist students in acquiring the fundamental knowledge of networking and server administration. With this, they can work efficiently with PC, laptops, and other devices.

Preliminary quizzes are conducted every week during the semester. The results will be prepared at the end and a final exam evaluating the course is also completed at that time. If a student fails to pass any test or does not satisfy minimum grades set by our faculties for final evaluation, he/she may retake those courses again. We want them to get ready and fully prepared for the work field.

PGD or Post Graduate Diploma on Microsoft Technology

Technology is dominating the modern global economy and it has become an indicator closely associated with economic development. In particular, Microsoft Technology which captures more than all spheres of online activity every minute poses a challenge to keep up with its speed for transformation at lightning speeds. Demand for online applications, search engines, apps accounts grew, and the time to meet that demand shortened so, to deal with fast-changing time and booming technology upgrading making it an obvious requirement to adopt smart technical knowledge and skill development. The working environment and techniques are changing every day and being digitalized at every level worldwide. Microsoft Technology is one of many courses that PeopleNTech offering to help the future workforce of Bangladesh to get well equipped to meet the skill demand home and abroad.

One of the fastest-growing- Microsoft Technology - is shaping how all business processes are done. The ever-changing dynamics of demand and supply, which have been continuously faced with complexity before, now pose a major challenge for us to keep pace with transformation's speed. Keeping this fast-growing technological pressure in modern life PeopleNTech has designed its course materials to provide the most for the future experts of the trendy job market.

The modern global economy is so dominated by technology that technological advancements are considered to be one of the strongest indicators for economic development. Microsoft Technology, which dominates nearly all online spheres every minute, has posed a challenge to keep up with this ever-changing transformation and complexity in demand and supply. Business processes have been reshaped at speeds much faster than before because everything changes more quickly now. We help our students to enhance their skills to that level so they can get acquainted with any similar applications with comfort and confidence. That will help them grow with their career at a more challenging and successful level.

Diploma in Web Site Development & Graphics Design

Graphic design is a crucial part of communication, and understanding its importance requires understanding how it affects campaigns. This includes logos, interfaces, images, typographies, and navigations.

Employment of web developers and digital designers is projected to grow 8% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than average. This demand will be driven by the continued popularity of mobile devices and e-commerce. Keeping this fact in consideration PeopleNTech has developed its course to meet the highest standards of web development for our students.

We have a set curriculum, which includes topics such as Graphic Designing, Animation, Web Site Development, Photoshop, and 3D animation. The courses start with the fundamental concepts and skills needed at every stage in an industry professional's career which helps students acquire better learning strategies in their future projects. We organize workshops & seminars also to help our students keep up with their personal development as they progress through the program.

Students are encouraged to develop portfolios by submitting designs by the mid-point of each semester that will be reviewed by faculty members and evaluated based on their ability to show creativity, attention to detail, appropriate use of typography or illustration/Animation principles, and get to join the work trend of the competitive technology growth.

Job Placement & PeopleNTech

The PeopleNTech Bangladesh in Dhaka is a leading institute for youth skill development. The institute provides jobs to persons of all ages as well as outside companies through its globally sourced freelancing services.

PeopleNTech not only provides high-end IT services but also caters to those who prefer freelancing or lower-level jobs. For this reason, PeopleNTech is a global leader in both the creation of mid-level and low-skilled work opportunities for people living in Dhaka or any rural part of Bangladesh.
PeopleNTech provides a professional learning environment with the latest IT hardware. PeopleNTech's Dhaka campus has been located in Bashundhara City Mall which is the biggest mall in our country to promote this sector and enhance their educational curriculum on par with global standards. In addition, we also have 40+ branches all over Bangladesh as well as tied up with 45+ colleges & universities for both undergraduate programming courses and post-graduate IT Courses. The institute also organizes industry events and workshops every year to update students about recent ICT trends globally.

In this context, PeopleNTech will play an important role in preparing youth for a better future ahead of them, they can build their career by achieving knowledge about the more advanced technologies.

PeopleNTech Campus: The PeopleNTech campus is situated in Bashundhara City Mall (the biggest mall in Bangladesh). It provides a learning environment with ICT infrastructure and the latest hardware to enhance the quality of education. Along with that, PeopleNTech also organizes different kinds of industry events/workshops every year to provide students update most recent technology trends globally. So as per our aspirational goal, we want to convert this institution into a fully developed technologically world-class educational institute within the next 3-5 years. Job Placement counseling & Training for Students are PeopleNTech's one step ahead services for students to get proper professional guidance on their career path.
PeopleNTech has a history of innovation and cutting-edge practices that were at the forefront of employer needs. Now it is continuing to innovate by expanding its training program, not only for new recruits but also current employees who want to get ahead in their field with an edge over other candidates. The company's innovative approach yielded high performance from testers, QA analysts, project managers, etc. all appreciation goes to this proactive initiative! PeopleNTech not only hires the most skilled professionals but also provides in-house training to keep its staff up-to-date on cutting-edge tools.

Last but not least after the pandemic situation people are being technically forced to work from home and that literally created a new InformationTecnology demand with any professional skills. Knowledge of using online devices, applications, apps, and other techniques are essential criteria to sustain in the job market and business worldwide. There are sets of courses in PeopleNTech's portfolio offer which are designed carefully to add value to the professions in the job market. We help students to automate their daily tasks so that they can scale better and efficiently with less effort and work smarter.

You may consider choosing the field you want to grow with your achieve success in your career present or future. Know what you want to be and what you want to choose for your career which will cast your life. the importance of starting a decision is vital and profound. Today and now is the time to take the first smart step for a successful career path.

Take a careful tour of the PeopleNTech website, get all the information you need to research and decide about your better tomorrow. Get ready and put together everything for combat tomorrow's competition well prepared. We can help you to get smart counseling and assistance in an easy and convenient way. Good luck and wish you success. your guide to success is just a click away. Get started now.